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Piercings & cats

I have the flu. It really sucks. >.<

I went to get piercings with Lorelai over the weekend. Every 2-3 years, I get the urge to get another hole punched in me or a tattoo. ^^; This time I got another cartilage piercing in my ear.

Lorelai got her belly button pierced and 2nd holes put in her ear, and in middle of all this, her boyfriend passed out on us! Just keeled over and collapsed onto the floor. (He’s fine, he just kinda went woozy for 2 seconds.) We’re still harassing him about it. =DDDD

Lesson here: make sure you eat something before piercings / tattoos to keep your blood sugar up… even if it’s not you getting the piercing! =D

Some more badly edited kitty photos…

Rain rain rain…

Ohmigod it’s pouring here in San Fran. Ok, not east coast pouring but I’m practically swimming to work. I decided over the weekend I had to get rain boots because the worst thing ever is trying to get through a work day with soggy shoes. They never seem to dry out like the rest of your clothing eventually does.

I shopped around and while I found some rain boots, golashes actually, the thought of trekking 3 miles in a soft rubber boot with no support whatsoever made me go “enh”. I dunno how people do it. I see people in SF trucking around with these boots from Target that look like they have as much support as a sandal. Maybe they have less finicky feet/ankles than me?

So off we went to my favoritest store evar: REI! =D I asked the super helpful guy there (ever notice how ridiculously happy REI workers are?) about waterproof shoes and he directed me to a row of very nice (and rather expensive) waterproof hiking boots. Ugh. I had just spent some decent money to get a new waterproof jacket so spending more on shoes was not so appealing.

Judy came over to take a look and after a couple of seconds, she points at a shoe on the display and asks me, “Isn’t that the same shoe you bought for Half Dome?”

Me: “… Hey! That one does kind of look mine doesn’t it…?!”

Sooo… turns out my hiking boots were a fantastic investment because they are also waterproof! Money saved is yay! (What would I do without you Judy?!)

So now my next purchase is apparently a waterproof cover for my backpack because everything in my pack got wet today. /sigh

Anyways, I have kitty photos today!