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2009 Dance Videos

There are a lot of videos this year because I had 5 dances. The whole performance was me dancing, and then running backstage to change, and then running back onto the stage again. Rinse and repeat 5x. At one point, I had to have lorelali help me undo my hair so I could make my next dance in time.

Wa Dance Practice Video

I finally got set up to transfer from my camcorder directly to my computer! It’s awesome… now that I got it working! It just took me all week thanks to defective hardware.

Anyways, I’m gonna start uploading dance practices for the girls I dance with, so I thought I’d share some of the more fun ones. This one is us practicing our lifts.

OHEMGEE… Dance Videos!


So after 2 (maybe 3) years of talking about it, I finally figured out how to upload videos to youtube. Watch out world! :: starts digitizing everything in sight ::

Last night, I spent 2 hours and uploaded a bunch of performance videos.