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I love Youtube! I just found the Hanagumi Pimp skit from the 2004 Takarazuka Sports Meet. It’s so awesomely ridiculous that y’all have to watch it. =D

And then people will actually know what my rather obscure costume is from. (Let’s all ignore the fact that I put the hana character too low on the back of the shirt ok?)

aimeekitty needs to finish making her pimp suit so we can take silly photos together. =D

Taste of tacbazooka…

Takarazuka Rose of Versaille clips:

The video on the top right bar is from the current run of RoV: Marie and Fersen and for anyone who hasn’t ever had this stuff inflicted on them by me, you get to check out how flashy and horrendous some of the costumes can get. =D (Hi, what is up with Fersen’s outfits always being such atrocious colors?!) Oh, and you get to check out how insane the ass fluffies are at the end of the show. =D

The commercials they ran for the 2 shows are at the very bottom and they’re very pretty with lots of angst and pretty camera angles.