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There will be mud!

I’m too lazy to actually type up anything so here are photos instead.

Edit: Because Sho just asked me where the mud wrestling photos came from, I realized that I should at least describe the event. @_@’

The Muddy Buddy is a 6.5(ish) mile race that involves biking and running. You switch off with a partner doing the two and then at the end, you crawl with them through a mud pit to the finish line.

So… in conclusion, this was not a mud wrestling event… we just turned it into one. =D

Muddy Buddies!

I just realized I had not posted kitty pictures in a while. I’m about to lose my crazy cat lady cred, so have some Bobo.

I’m doing the Muddy Buddy on Sunday with my hockey buddy, Jess. It’s a race where you take turns running and biking, switching off with your partner, and then at the end you crawl through a big mud pit together to get to the finish line.

For the record, I am a disaster on a bike. Thankfully, Jess is taking all the harder biking sections and I’m taking the longer runs.

The only reason we signed up for this road race (as opposed to another one with no biking involved) is ’cause we wanted to crawl through the mud pit. Brian told us we were nuts and that he could just make a mud pit in the backyard if that’s all we really wanted. We probably should have taken him up on the offer. ^___^’

Wish us luck!