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Death Dealer Photoshoot

I just got the photos from my Underworld photoshoot from Jeff, and they are soooo amazing!

When I asked Jeff to go out and take photos with me, I was kind of expecting us to go out and pick a spot and just take photos with some street lighting at dusk. Instead Jeff showed up with all these lights and stands, and with Mel and Marcus acted as lighting assistants, we spent an entire night running around SF taking photos.

I was soooo cold but it was so worth it!

The entire set is on my website, but here are some of my favorites…

Avatar Photoshoot

We did an Avatar photoshoot a couple weekends ago. Cheryll was awesome enough to come be our photographer and we had a relaxed, totally fun photoshoot. And then we had donuts and cold pizza after which is how all photoshoots should wrap. =D

I feel the need to do more Avatar costumes now!

(Oh and in case it’s not obvious, I finally managed to get my website moved onto WordPress. Woo!)

Steampunk photos!

kuronosho claimed to be the last one to post his photos but he forgot to count me, I am way behind the curve on this one. I’ve been busy making kiddie costumes. I think my favorite one this year was Bonta-kun for Nancy and Bry’s 1 year old baby. =D

Anyways, I’m sure everyone’s seen these already so sorry! Ed Pingol posted preview shots of our steampunk photoshoot and they look epic!!! (I’m actually kind of terrified to wear my costume again cause it really doesn’t look this good IRL. ^^; )

I present C.R.U.D. (Coalition of Rather Unusual Denizens)…


I just got awesome photos of my Tigerlily costume from kuronosho. We were supposed to do a Arrancar photoshoot on Yaoi Con weekend but due to a number of snafus and me really not wanting to do Ulquiorra make-up again, we ended up just choosing other costumes to shoot. I picked Tigerlily ’cause I have no good photos of her.

ziggybecket brought his lighting setup and the guys went to town. The results are amaaaazing. You can’t even tell we were shooting in a hotel lobby! I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

Thanks so much for all the comments on my dance photos! I was so flattered! *blush*

I spent all of this past weekend in NYC. I was there for a wedding and nearly didn’t make it back. I missed my plane back thanks to NYC subway repairs and nearly got stranded on the east coast. It was rather stressful. -_-

On the plus side, I got to see a lot of college friends I haven’t seen in years, attend a dear friend’s wedding, see my brother’s swanky new apartment (2 blocks from Wall Street!), and check out the bubble tea in NYC.

I’m so done with traveling for weddings. To all my friends out there planning weddings… California is a GREAT location. kthx. =D

I am currently stressing out over my steampunk costume which has to be done this weekend and my dance performance which is next weekend. Yay.

And finally, been closet cleaning again: Costumes for sale on ebay!

Of unflattering hairstyles and big butts

We’re back! Jetlagged all to hell but happy to be home. Because my body kicked me awake at 5am today, I started processing photos. I did our victorian photoshoot first…

My dress was finished in 4 days with massive amounts of help from Marcus and Judy. MASSIVE. They did all the pleating on my trim which ended up being around 16 yards of fabric. And Judy did all the detailing on my skirt which includes the maroon panels in front (which I love to death) and all the trimmings on the back and bottom. Thanks soooo much guys!

Things I noticed about this costume:
– Ohmigod could this hair style be any less flattering on me? I’m still trying to figure out how to fix that for next time.

– My butt is really really big in this dress. Ok, I know that’s the point… but still!

– I dunno how you historical costumers do it! I was so sick of having to wrestle 15 yards of fabric 1/2 way through and wearing all that fabric? UGH. It’ll take some slick talking from Judy to get me to do that again.

– I had more complaints but I can’t think of them right now. =D

We dragged dmk26 out with us to take photos. It was just like old times!

Shaddup AJ and let me see the photos.