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Star Wars Family Photo for Holiday Cards

This year’s holiday theme card was of course: Star Wars!

Star Wars Family Photo

I am so so grateful to Jeff Kuo, who is my go-to photographer for everything. He’s so great to work with, so versatile, produces amazing photos, and I love his cat. =D He was also incredibly forgiving of me for waiting until the last minute to pester him for photos.

I had grand plans to do the holiday card photoshoot in November and be all on top of it, but I ended up having an emergency quilt to finish in November (which I’ll blog about later), so I didn’t get my imperial officer costume done on schedule, and the photoshoot ended up getting pushed into December.

One of these years, I will actually get my act together so that I will not have to pay the rush fee for the card printing.

Victorian Family Photo for Holiday Cards

I’ve been so swamped under holiday sewing last few weeks! I’m finally done so I got some time to post, and I wanted to show our holiday card.

vintage victorian family photo
vintage victorian family photo

I’m not very good at the holiday greeting card thing. In fact, I have never sent them out before. It always seemed like way too much work and other then sending photos of my cats (and have you ever tried doing a photoshoot with cats?), I couldn’t really think of anything appropriate to put on the card.  The advent of the brood has me re-thinking my stance though, and when I found out Tiny Prints would mail the cards for me, it seemed like I was out excuses for not sending cards this year.

I love seeing themed family photoshoots (no surprise right?), so I wanted us to do one too. I’ve got a whole list of themes I want to do. This year’s theme was a vintage Victorian family photo.

My first Robe a la Francaise

I finally made my first robe a la francaise! I was supposed to have made this for costume college last year but you know how that goes. GBACG had a Bal de Carnivale event this year which became my new deadline. I pulled out my half finished corset and got cracking.

I actually had a lot of trouble following the JP Ryan pattern so I ended up taking copious photos and writing up notes for myself for the next time I make one of these. Because… yes, I already have fabric for another one. =D If anyone else is going to be using this pattern, feel free to check out my notes… they might help!

I did manage to get a wearable dress by the event although there were a few almost all-nighters in there. (I’m getting way too old for that btw. LOL) The only thing missing for the Bal was the trim which Judy and I finished later for a lovely photoshoot at Gamble Gardens.

Victorian Photoshoot at Stanford

I’m so unbelievably behind on posting photos so there’s gonna be a whole slew of posts in the next few days. I know most people don’t read these posts but I like to keep them as reminders to myself of the fun things I did. =D

Last September, we organized a victorian photoshoot at stanford with our friend Jeff Kuo as photographer. Some of the girls made new costumes which were originally for the GBACG Tissot picnic, but we didn’t get tickets so we decided to organize a photoshoot on our own. I re-wore my key lime pie victorian which I never got good photos of. The photos came out gorgeous but everything Jeff does looks good.

Death Dealer Photoshoot

I just got the photos from my Underworld photoshoot from Jeff, and they are soooo amazing!

When I asked Jeff to go out and take photos with me, I was kind of expecting us to go out and pick a spot and just take photos with some street lighting at dusk. Instead Jeff showed up with all these lights and stands, and with Mel and Marcus acted as lighting assistants, we spent an entire night running around SF taking photos.

I was soooo cold but it was so worth it!

The entire set is on my website, but here are some of my favorites…