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Back from Japan

Back from Japan! I’m exhausted! In the span of 10 days:
– we went to Takarazuka to watch the Rose of Versailles show
– took the train back to Tokyo and did some mad cap shopping
– took a train out to middle-of-no-where-by-the-coast to go to an onsen (complete with Furuba moments, minus the passing out in the bath)
– took another train to Kyoto to visit Tenshi no Sato (neato doll place)
– stayed at a Buddhist temple overnight
– attended my first Dolpa (another doll thing)
– missed the last Hikari out of Kyoto and had to take the Nozomi (oh boy) back to Tokyo
– finally saw the Tokyo Tower up close and it did not explode or suck us into another dimension
– watched the Final Fantasy XII trailer way too much

More photos to come!