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AX Photos

If this picture looks dubious, blame it on the very badly designed wing harness we came up with this year that requires reaching down each other’s dresses to snap the buckles. =D

Yeah, this is a way late post about AX…

So if I could sum up in one sentence what I did at AX, it would be: Spent the whole time in the room CHANGING.

Ohemgee, it feels like we were constantly changing… which we pretty much were! =P We way over-booked ourselves this year with the number of costumes.

AX stuff is DONE!

Diagram kindly provided by Judy

Did I suddenly get super productive and accomplish it all last night? HELL NO.

I sliced my index finger open with a knife while carving the foam on my angel wings. F minus. =P So no more costuming for me. If it ain’t done, it ain’t getting done.

I’m fine. Thank gods for a quick thinking roommate. Judy had my hand wrapped up and me in the car before I even had time to register how bad it was.

AJ on the way to the hospital: Ohmigod that was DUMB. Do we have to go to the hospital?!
Judy: … Ummm, YES. =P

So after 5 hours of hanging out at the hospital, I finally got all patched up: they super glued me shut! =D Ok the real term is Dermabond but the doc says it’s just glorified superglue. Pretty nifty stuff. It sure beats being stitched up.

It is (according to my release papers): a 2 cm laceration. It kinda makes me all squeamish looking at it too. *yeech*

Anyways, that was my Monday evening. If we has cosplayer badges (like girl scout badges), I would award myself the “Grevious Bodily Harm while Cosplaying” one.

Go me. ^_^’

Schedule for AX

I have adopted porcupines! =D Actually, it was kitty scrubbing day on Saturday. And here is Yoyo after he figured out that we had set up all the lamps for them to toast under and dry off. Bobo was off sulking somewhere. He was very unhappy after his bath. ^__^’

AX stuff is crawling along. I have other deadlines not involving costumes (what a concept), so I’ve only been working part time on costumes. I’m fairly on track except for my Kizna costume which I haven’t even started on. I figured I’d work on it when shinbios gets here so then he can listen to me whine non-stop about having to wear a skirt. =D

Schedule for AX…

Wish (Clamp) – pretty much all day seeing as how the panel is scheduled for 3 hours o_O
Sakura Taisen revue suits – after Clamp stuff sometime

Hyoue (Her Majesty’s Dog) – 10am for Mick Takeuchi’s panel
Kizna – sometime in the afternoon
Gilgamesh – sometime in the evening

Oscar – morning 10am
Rocky Road – afternoon
Bleach – evening

Doesn’t seem too bad… I don’t have any specific times for most of my costume plans so I’m just gonna mosy around and hopefully get to hang out with lots of people. =)