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Baby Room & Shower & Cat Stuff

My baby room is no where near as fancy or as pretty as Aimee’s… I’m just not big into decorating. ^^; As long as everything around me is functional, I don’t pay much attention to how it looks. I think we did ok in making the baby room a little more than just functional though!

And because all the baby talk kind of makes me go: @_@ (and yes I know I should probably try to get over that real soon), I included kitty photos at the end of this post. ^^;

Exploding houses & my garden (not that they’re related)

Last week a house in my complex exploded. Not like Michael Bay ball of flames explosion, but there was a definite BOOM. I work from home so I felt it, and I thought it was an earthquake… until the cops knocked on my door and told me I should probably evacuate since there was still a gas leak.


So I packed up the kitties (who were most displeased) and we fled to Judy’s house, where we camped out for a bit until it was safe to go home.

I went by yesterday morning to take some photos of the asploded house.