Taiwan (Part.1)

I didn’t take as many photos in Taiwan because we spent most of our trip there going from family event to family event. It was first time back since high school and it’s changed so much! I loved it and I really want to go back again to actually see the sights.

It’s a 3 hour flight or so from Beijing to Taipei. I was just going to have us take a bus from the airport into the city, but apparently I am not to be trusted with public transit in foreign countries, because my mom sent my grandma and uncle to get us. =D

They took us to a fancy restaurant for dinner and ordered sushi for me. Isn’t the presentation gorgeous?

Then my uncle stopped by a street market to grab us fruit for breakfast.  And this is the theme of our Taiwan trip. We ate our way across Taipei. LOL

He went for the weird fruit we don’t get in the U.S. This is a sugar apple. Funky!

The next day we went to the Flower Expo that was going on in Taipei.

I dunno how he does it but Marcus always manages to get perfect framing when holding the camera on these photos.

They had these vases everywhere painted by different artists.





The expo was huge! And it wasn’t just flowers. There were buildings too…

I love how they did the stylized cloud rocks to look like a Chinese painting.


Of course we had to take a photo with the cow. =D

Pretty cobblestones

A cool wall in one of the pavilions.

There was a section where a bunch of different countries had been invited to build their own display.







This was the USA one. LOL

For some reason only Montana (land of the meese) was represented. =D




These weird things had eco-friendly living habitats built inside them. I don’t even know what was going on with the outsides though…




The expo mascot.



I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this guy’s shirt. ^^;


We watched a lion dancing performance. It was one of the best troupes I’ve ever seen!

One of the lions actually climbed up this pole. @_@



The little blue itty bitty lion had a kid of maybe 6-7 years old in the costume. He was so cute!


And photos of roses! (For Aimee.)






Pretty colored peppers.

The metro in Taiwan is so nice! Reminds me a lot of Tokyo. It was such a nice change to see people standing in orderly lines after the total mosh-pit “lines” of Beijing.