China: Beijing Day 3 (Pt. 2)

I’ve been wanting to see The Great Wall my whole life and this was probably one of my favorite moments of the trip because I was sharing it with some of my favoritest people in the world. =)

We took a gondola up.

This is me not happy with this part of the trip. ^^;

Random donkey chilling on the mountainside.

The Great Wall is huge! I knew it on a theoretical level but seeing it in person was amazing.

I didn’t realize until I went through my photos, but Aimee spent a good portion of this day picking on Marcus. =D

Because the rest of HCC wasn’t there, we had Aimee draw stand-ins so we could get a group photo. =D

Can’t take them anywhere…

Aimee showing off her new jade bracelet.

And this is the other reason we chose Mutianyu… there is a toboggan to get down!

The sleds were pretty primitive but it was fun. =D

We finished the trip off by buying some kitsch souvenirs and then hopping on the bus back to our hotel.