Home Sweet Home!

I’m home! I had an utterly fantastic time in China & Taiwan but I am somewhat relieved to be home. 3 weeks is a long time to be away. I think the kitties missed us. =)

It’s a little odd to see and hear everything in English again. It’s gonna take me a couple days to re-adjust. Hopefully I won’t keep talking to Judy in Chinese like she’ll understand me. She says I kept doing that to her in China… =P

We were uber dorks and took costumes to China. I finally got around to making a Green Snake costume so I can cross it off my To Do List! It was totally awesome cause people were definitely recognizing Aimee and me (probably cause we both based our outfits on tv versions), and Judy did an original costume.

Marcus says people were commenting about how amazed they were that we made the costumes, because while people wearing costumes to the Summer Palace is fairly common, they’re usually rented. Everyone was very cool and friendly about us dressing up; the people working there seemed to love it and we got chased down a bunch for photos.

I posted our Summer Palace photos on HCC’s Livejournal.
More photos to come later!