WonderCon 2011

WonderCon was a fun laid back day for us. We decided that we weren’t interested in hauling our Bioshock costumes up to the city and I stopped working on my fix-its a couple weeks ago. I just had no motivation to finish it. ^^; So we went the comfy route and dug out our Battlestar off-duty uniforms.

As soon as we got in, Cheryll bee-lined for the Iron Throne so we could take photos with it. I have to say: it looks much much cooler in photos than in person. It does look cool in photos though!

We wandered around the dealer’s hall some and then went and sat through a bunch of movie panels.

Cowboys & Aliens: Ok with a title like that, you pretty much have to go see it. Plus it has Harrison Ford! The previews they showed us looked really good and it actually looks like a semi-scary movie. It’s not supposed to be campy despite the title.

Three Musketeers: Paul Anderson is directing… yah… I have to say that I have never seen so many explosions in a musketeer movie before. I’m not quite sure what to think. It looks like it’ll be a fun movie if not necessarily accurate, and maybe worth seeing on the big screen cause of all the action. I’ll go see it if I find myself with a lot of spare time (not likely), otherwise it’s probably a rental for me.

Hannah: Looks interesting. Definitely will rent. I don’t think I’d want to spend the money to see it in the theater though.

Priest: OHMIGOD. I’m so going on opening night! LOL. Karl Urban has nothing to do with it… really. I’m going to see Maggie Q…. and the amazing production design. =D

The iron throne! I’m a bit nervous but excited about the upcoming tv series.

Cheryll looking kickass and cute.

Sadly we did not go back on Sunday to see the Dr Who panel. Judy and I went for pedicures instead. ^__^