Hawaii – Part 2

More photos! I kind of wish I had taken my DSLR but I didn’t feel like lugging it everywhere with me so instead we had this really not-so-awesome-but-it-was-free-because-I-lost-my-elph-while-drunk-at-a-bar camera. ^_^

We rented a kayak and rowed to the Captain Cook monument which has amazing snorkeling. Here’s Marcus doing his Tarzan (or something) imitation.

So… if you do this trip, look into organic sunblock. They ask that you not use chemical sunblock because it kills the reef, but if you don’t use any sunblock… yah, you know where this is going. Thankfully we didn’t burn too badly…

We had some near mishaps with some wild turkeys while driving around.

And this is the nene. There are signs all over the roads asking you to watch out for them. They don’t move very fast…

This is Jackie Rey’s Ohana grill near Kaliua-Kona. Totally yummy. We went there twice. =D

Waipio Valley. It’s gorgeous!

The road down into the valley is super steep – 25% grade. If you don’t have 4-wheel drive, they won’t let you down it. We walked.

We wanted to do this “off the beaten trail” hike out to that waterfall.

And by “off the beaten trail”, I mean that there was no trail. =P

So there’s this part where the guide book goes: and there’s this small dam and it’s kind of deep.
And by “deep”, we mean that anyone 5’6″ and under has to SWIM.

This is me after I got in, slipped and realized how deep it was, and did the mad kitty scramble onto the nearest rock.

And this is about where we got lost. =D We wandered around for another hour or so trying to find the trail again but it was getting dark so we turned back.

Uh. I do not recommend this hike. I had fun but I got eaten alive by mosquitos and I was so sore from climbing up and down giant boulders, I could barely walk for the next couple of days. =D

So to cheer ourselves because we did not get to the waterfall, we went and got dessert at Jackie Rey’s.

The local farmer’s market. I’m not sure what that is… a durian?

All along the highways, people write message using the white coral from the beaches. It’s like a nice form of graffiti.

Hapuna Beach. Our favorite beach on the Big Island.

And on our last day, we went and had dinner at Pahu I’a at the Four Seasons.

Gorgeous view and delicious food!

And that was our Hawaii trip!