Oh btw, I got married.

So I got married a couple months ago and it was a pretty awesome event. If it didn’t cost so much and require so much bloody planning, I’d totally do it again. =D

Here are some quick photos! I’m sure you’ll recognize the usual suspects. =D

Ed was our awesome photographer and he posted more photos on his site.




We asked our cake makers to put Yoyo and Bobo on our wedding cake!


This was our first dance. It’s by no means perfect but we thought it was fairly presentable! They waxed the floor the night before. Which was really nice of them but ohmigod, so slippery for ballroom shoes. You can see us slipping in a couple spots.

(P.S. All the lifts/tricks were totally stolen from Dancing With The Stars! Except for the one taken from So You Think You Can Dance…)