Atlanta & Dragon*con

I’ve been slammed at work since I got back from Atlanta. I had to work through my vacation too which was kind of annoying. I finally put my foot down when my boss asked me to work on Sunday night of Dragon*con.

I had fun at Dragon*con! Saw and hung out with lots of people, and actually attended programming and watched it on the tv. I also drank a little too much but I suppose that is to be expected.

I got an elph camera a couple weeks ago because I wanted a small camera to take hiking with me. I’m a little stumped by the lack of options but it’s definitely handy! Photos are just not as pretty without the blurry backgrounds. 😉

Not a lot was in bloom at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens but it was still very pretty.

I love lotuses… lotusi?

Spiderlilies! I was so excited to see these because I’ve only seen them in photos.

Those are the roots of some plant way at the top…

I snuck this photo inside a Super Target. It was awesome! I want my Targets to have supermarkets inside too!

Me stuck in Atlanta traffic after visiting a client. Blah. On the other hand, the Magellan GPS Tracker is pretty awesome.

He started warbling when we came over for a photo. SO CUTE!

We got a photo with Felicia Day! (After nearly running her over trying to get into the ever-crowded elevator.)

We got tickets to go to the Georgia Aquarium on Saturday night.

I love aquariums! (My wings looked a little drunk all weekend.)

Cheryll took this awesome photo of us.

I’ll try to post more photos later. Right now I gotta go back to being an excel monkey. Yes, someone is actually paying me a software engineer salary to fix their Excel spreadsheets. ::rolleyes::