Fanime 2009 & Life

Don’t have a whole lot to say about Fanime. It was fun, and the photos we got from mognetcentral were fanatstic! Her style works so well with period costumes. Pale blond is still a horrific color for me (like that’s going to change anytime soon) but oh well.

I had a really serious family medical emergency come up a couple of weeks ago. That kind of stuff tends to make everything else pale in comparison and I had a hard time working up the will to finish any costumes. Thankfully Cheryll came over the night before Fanime and she kept me going until I finished.

The rest of the girls’ costumes came out so beautiful, it almost makes me want to make an 18th century gown… almost. After hand sewing the bias tape onto one of the corsets though, I’m thinking: never again!

So here we are, years later, and we finally finished our Chevalier costumes. Check out the photos!