Kitties and Stuff for Sale

No, the kitties are not for sale although I’m mildly tempted. Yoyo has been alternating between super duper bratty and super duper clingy last couple of days. I think he’s mad I went away for 5 days over Thanksgiving. =D

I really need to work on that white balance thing but it doesn’t help that our walls actually are yellow.

I am in the process of cleaning out stuff in the hopes that when I have to move next year, I will have less stuff. I don’t seem to be making much headway but I’m still trying! Anyways, I have wigs, some costumes, takarazuka stuff and gothic lolita bibles for sale. U.S. shipping is generally $2-$6 depending on what it is. Let me know if anything interests you!

Stuff for sale

The new Five Star Stories Designs is out! The bride design for Intercity is hawt! I wish Nanano would stop releasing giant artbooks with a lot of repeated art and work on finishing the series. I also wish for the rest of it to be translated and while I’m wishing for that, I’d like to win the lottery and own a Lamborghini. =)