Mostly kitty photos

Posting some more photos from the last couple of weeks. Nothing too exciting in my life except that I’ve taken up biking. It seemed like the thing to do as I am not allowed to run anymore. (Thank you knees!) I picked up a really nice used road racing bike from a friend and it’s blue, so I named it Dory.

I’m not that great on the bike yet. The biking part is fine… the coming to a stop: not so much. The pedals have netting baskets on them for your feet to slide into while you are biking. They’re actually really nice to have… until you have to come to a stop and you can’t get your feet out fast enough. -_- There have been a couple close calls already.

Judy has some photos in her daily photo post of our last couple of biking trips.

A tip from iamhappycat: He said I shouldn’t focus on kitty noses because it’s making their eyes blurry. He was right! One blurry-eyed cat coming right up.

Tea with Judy at the England Rose Garden in Fremont.

Yoyo’s latest favorite place to sleep. (I’m having The Great Fabric Re-org of 2008 in my room right now.)

Putting the Red Queen to work to make nerd bags! This one was for Judy and her undead priest, Sacelerene.

And more kitty photos. I think Bobo’s whiskers are finally growing back!