Opera Performance

Had an opera performance on Sunday. I was asked to come perform to help fill out the program because the dance troupe putting on the performance didn’t have enough dances. It was their first recital ever and they did great!

And once again, there was no working mic for me! It’s not like the people that organize these events don’t try either. They give me a portable mic that never seems to work so no one can hear me. It’s getting to be comical now. I’m going on 3+ years of solo performances without ever having had a functioning mic.

I really really liked how the makeup turned out this time! I have such a non-standard asian face, that’s it’s always an adventure (translation: pain in the ass) putting opera makeup on me.

Aren’t the kids cute??? I loved that this Chinese dance troupe was so ethnically diverse.

I have the Muddy Buddy with lorelai this Sunday. And yes I said I’d never do it again, but I say that a lot, and then a year goes by and I forget how miserable an event was, and I sign myself up again. Masochist, me?

Here’s hoping I do ok because I totally whorked my knee in dance doing floor moves and it’s been bugging me all weekend through the opera practices and recital. I can’t wait to see what my physical therapist is gonna say to me next week. ^_^’