WonderCon 2008 was full of Bleach

WonderCon was fun in a quiet kinda way. We did Bleach on Saturday with a bunch of first-time cosplayers! I think they had fun which was awesome. ^_^

Our little 12-year old buddy, Marc, is a huge Bleach fan and Hitsugaya is his favorite character so of course I was like: ohmigod, you’re even the right size! We have to make you a Hitsugaya costume and Judy can be Matsumoto again! =D

His dad, Anthony, made the best Iba too.

We stuck Aki in my old Nanao costume, and Marcus and I did Arrancars. My Ulquiorra costume needs some serious re-vamping (hi headpiece of DOOM), but I’m really happy with how Marcus looked as Grimmjow.

It was fun and we ran into a Yoruichi and Soi Fong who know gogolotus.

On Sunday, Judy and I woke up super lazy so instead of putting on real costumes, we put on our kigurumi pajamas and gave the costuming panel as a flying squirrel and kangaroo. We also went to a yuppie tea place for lunch. I think the rest of the clientele didn’t know what to make of us. =D

P.S. I totally cheated on the Arrancar costumes! =D They fabric parts were purchased off of eBay. I refuse to make hakama. (Noooo pleats.) When the price of a hakama from a martial arts store is only $20 less than the entire costume, I figured I might as well buy the entire costume from China. Yay sweatshops. =P

Of course I had to do so much fixing on the tops, I’m not sure I made the right decision. I ended up tearing apart both tops and re-doing them because they didn’t fit and they weren’t accurate. I guess the lesson here is: next time just buy the hakama and make the top from scratch.