More FSS Photos!

I know you’re probably sick of seeing FSS photos but these are really really cool! positivespace found this amazing wedding photographer, Ed Pingol, who was willing to try shooting crazies cosplayers and made time in his super-packed schedule for us. He’s booked through to 2009 so we were super lucky, and the photo previews are amazing!

Thanks to kitkat_nap, ziggybecket, and Marcus for coming along and helping us out!

I don’t think we’ve ever stopped as many cars as we did that day. I suppose you don’t see nutty costumers every day on Mare Island so the muggles all had to stop their cars and stare. There was almost an accident too when one guy started staring and swerving. -_-

Sooo… the Designs II artbook came out recently and Nagano-san drew Ulicul in a bride dress for the back cover. I love Ulicul! I’m so tempted to make that outfit now too… ^^;

P.S. If you haven’t seen it yet, Go!Comi put up some fun extra stuff for Japan Ai, like the pages that didn’t make the final book. Check out the omake section! And go order aimeekitty‘s book: Japan Ai!