Comic con 2007

Head-eating headdress of doom.

Well first things first: we’ve started posting photos of our masquerade costumes over at hcc_cosplay. It’s gonna be slow going finding photos though as we did not take any of our own.

This masquerade was one of the best (I think) that we’ve participated in at SDCC, so to win anything was phenomenal. To win Best in Show was very unexpected and we were floored!

Thank you SOOOO much to the HCC Transport Crew who waited on us hand and foot (literally!). We were absolutely useless once we got into costume and without our team of ever-patient, ever-helpful handlers (and lots of advil), we would have never survived. Nor could we have done the skit because they were all in it too!

As for the rest of SDCC: it was good!!!

– I got to attend some panels that made me really happy, like finally getting to hear Nail Gaiman speak! (That only took me 3 years of trying.)

– I ran into Irineo twice and met some other TT animators who told me where all the Newfus had ended up. That was awesome! Didn’t ever see Glen Murakami though. =( Sadness.

– I found David Mack and got a bunch of Kabuki stuff signed by him. He was the one person I was determined to find this year.

– Got Moofia figurines!!! OHMIGOD CUTE.

– Got a bunch of Hamnimal stuff from Crisso. More cuteness!

– Hung out with lots of people and it didn’t always involve drinking myself under the table… although there was plenty of that too. =P

– Got to meet gogolotus finally. Double yay!

– Got to see lots of people backstage at the masquerade! Everyone should do the masq just so we can all hang out together in costume quarantine (thebluelady‘s term). =D

And of course the best part always is hanging out with my HCC gals, be it in the hot tub or backstage or at Tin Fish (for the 3rd time in 2 days). I luv y’all… thank you SO SO much for helping me make a dream come true of getting a FSS cosplay group to happen.