More AX photos

Photos on sapphic_lenswebsite of Rosalie and Oscar. I was merely there as arm decoration for Inara’s beautiful new costume. 😉

I think my favorite photo in the set is of Rosalie with my uniform. Yes, I stripped it off in the middle of the shoot so she could use it. LOL. I’m getting really good at putting on that cape by myself.

And look! I did my own make-up for our second performance in MD because the make-up artists were all super busy. I actually didn’t come out looking TOO retarded.

The one in the middle is my dearest friend, Karin, who I’ve been performing with since we were 4 years old. We haven’t performed together since I left MD for college which was a long time ago, so this was a wonderful reunion for me. Even better was that her mom came along to help so it was like we were kids again and our parents were carting us off to a performance. =D

Oh and I don’t want to hear a WORD about the color of my costume. You shoulda seen my face when my teacher handed me my costume. (I swear Karin used to get all the better costume colors when we were kids too!) ^^;