MD and AX

I’m currently in Maryland, visiting my family and performing opera. Sorry for the drunk-blurry photo… Karin was having some issues mastering my cell phone camera.

I had the not-so-awesome experience of wiping out on stage during our Friday performance. =P I was doing these spins jump thingies across the stage and there was a lot of costume debris on the stage. I have enough trouble traveling in a straight line while spinning; trying to avoid stuff on the stage is a lost cause. Anyways, I think I stepped on something because the next thing I knew, I was flat on my butt on the stage.

It was a little mortifying. (Just a leeeeeettle…) ^^;

Anyways, I got up and finished my little dance routine and kept singing, and that was that. And then afterwards, Karin and I went out drinking so I could drown my embarrassment sorrows. We tried to find a bar but apparently nothing is open after 1am in suburbia Rockville, MD and we were too tired to drive to D.C. We ended up at TGI Fridays right before they closed and I was much happier after whatever-the-hell-it-was the bartender made us.

I have one more performance on Tuesday at the China Embassy in D.C. The good news is that it’s on carpet so you know… if I fall again, it’ll hurt a lot less this time. :: roll eyes ::

I had almost forgotten about AX, except that I checked LJ and everyone seems to be cramming and making plans!

So I think my plan is:

Saturday morning – House of Flying Daggers Xiao Mei. Yes I know it’s not really japanese-related but I want to wear it again.

Saturday afternoon – Astharoshe. Anyone else doing Trinity Bloody around that time?

Sunday morning/afternoon – Oscar’s military uniform. I hope it isn’t hot. Ugh.

We’re only staying until Sunday and then we gotta drive home so it’ll be a short trip for us. I hope I get to hang out with people!