And there was mud…

We survived the Muddy Buddy! There were no emergency room visits and we crossed the finish line.

We were running late this morning so we were terrified we were gonna miss the start of the race but when we got there, we found we were in Wave #9 and they had just started Wave #1. So it was all good and we even had time to take pre-race photos.

This race has a lot of participants. One of the things they tell you to do is decorate your bike so you can find it at the switch points. I think I got a little carried away as our bike was way over-decorated compared to everyone else but Judy was saying how a lot of people were complaining they couldn’t find their bikes at the switch points. Lemme just say, Jess and I might have had the froofiest bike in the race but we never had a problem finding it!

Those girls in orange behind us are my girlfriends from college. They are way more hardcore than me. They climbed Mt Whitney last weekend and are doing the Santa Cruz Trail Run next weekend. Me: I plan to sleep next weekend. =P

Check out the shirts I made for us! In ice hockey, we skate drills around pylons (or roadcones) so if you’re a really crappy player and everyone skates around you, you’re a pylon. =D

Well… we thought it was funny.

The race starts… and the VERY first thing is this viciously steep uphill that killed everyone. I don’t think anyone made it up without having to walk. It sucked. I wasn’t too worried about the race being 6 miles, but I guess I hadn’t really taken into account how bad the inclines would be so it was rather miserable after that. =D

(Apparently I can’t add. The race was 6+ miles. How come it felt like so much longer…?)

Running in a bike helmet is the most annoying thing ever. Here we can see how mine is totally slipping off my head as I cross the not-quite-finish-line-because-we-still-h


We decided to spare our nice sneakers the mud bath.

And into the mud!

Jess: I can’t believe we thought this was a good idea!
AJ: Dude…

I think Jess did something wrong… or I did. I got WAY muddier.

Actually, I got muddier than everyone else too!

And then it was off to the communal hose-down area which could have almost passed as a college spring break girls-gone-wild video.

The mud goes everywhere ok? Including down your shorts and bra!

Oh and I lied. I did get an injury. Jess ran into my leg with the bike while we were walking back to the car and gave me a huge scrape. =D

Thanks to [info]twjudy (best roommate ever!) for coming and cheering for us, and taking photos, and driving us, and letting us climb into her car all muddy. =D

Conclusion: It was awesome but if we want to crawl through mud again, we’ll skip the 8 mile run and just go make our own mud pit. =D