I feel like I’m writing college app essays…

So my opera teacher has asked me to tryout for the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival and the more I look at the site and read about it, the more intimidated I get. 30 groups picked out of over 100 that tried out? There’s no way I’m getting in.

Dude, I can’t even get past the bloody application process. It’s 12 questions long and each one is like an essay question…

“Describe the artistic, historic, or symbolic significance of the costumes, masks, jewelry, props, colors, etc. “

You gotta be kidding me…

“Please include a brief translation of the song lyrics that accompanies your piece…”


I wonder if I can pay someone write my application for me. *sigh*

Argh… EFF it.
I’m going to bed. I have a dance class at 7 fracking am and this isn’t due ’til Dec 1st. Might as well treat it like a true school assignment and procrastinate.