AX stuff is DONE!

Diagram kindly provided by Judy

Did I suddenly get super productive and accomplish it all last night? HELL NO.

I sliced my index finger open with a knife while carving the foam on my angel wings. F minus. =P So no more costuming for me. If it ain’t done, it ain’t getting done.

I’m fine. Thank gods for a quick thinking roommate. Judy had my hand wrapped up and me in the car before I even had time to register how bad it was.

AJ on the way to the hospital: Ohmigod that was DUMB. Do we have to go to the hospital?!
Judy: … Ummm, YES. =P

So after 5 hours of hanging out at the hospital, I finally got all patched up: they super glued me shut! =D Ok the real term is Dermabond but the doc says it’s just glorified superglue. Pretty nifty stuff. It sure beats being stitched up.

It is (according to my release papers): a 2 cm laceration. It kinda makes me all squeamish looking at it too. *yeech*

Anyways, that was my Monday evening. If we has cosplayer badges (like girl scout badges), I would award myself the “Grevious Bodily Harm while Cosplaying” one.

Go me. ^_^’