Opera Video!

The above photo is not me, it’s one of my classmates from MD.

So thanks to the wonderful Matteo, I have a video of Peking Opera to share! It’s not a full performance; it’s actually about the makeup process but it’s got a couple clips of me performing.

Some quick notes:
– That monster wall of thread behind me is scary, yes I know. It’s not all mine! Half is twjudy‘s!
– The lady talking is my teacher, Jacie Wang.
– The long black strips she’s putting on me are hair pieces. You soak it in this ‘glue’ that is made from boiling a special tree bark. It makes the hair pieces slightly… slimy, so that they stick to your skin.
– All that clapping you hear is another group rehearsing right outside the dressing room.
– Yes, I can do my own opera makeup but I’m not great at it and most of the times that I’ve done it for myself, I was doing guy’s makeup, not girl’s.
– I know I sound like a ditz. ^^;

Ok, on with the show!
Peking Opera Makeup

I’m using yousendit to host the file so as not to overload my server. If you have problems downloading it, lemme know!