The landspeed of an unladen stormtrooper…

On Sunday, I did Bay to Breakers, a road race that goes from the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean. It’s one of those quintessential SF things you have to do at least once and I’ve always wanted to do it, so when a bunch of the guys in the garrison decided to do it , I was like: “Sign me up! Cause nothing is better than doing a 7+ mile road race in plastic armor!”

Yeaaah. ^^;

Well, I’m still hobbling a little bit but mostly it’s cause I have 6 blisters from my boots. Lemme just say: Stormtrooper boots are not made for long distance walking. And I have bruising from places where my armor was whacking into me for 3 hours straight. I anticipated most of that and tried to pad out everything with foam but there’s only so much you can do.

For those wondering what the landspeed of an unladen stormtrooper is: a whopping 3 mph. ^__^’ As one of the girls said: this just proves that troopers are not meant to troop; they should stick to riding a transport.

Thanks so much to twjudy for letting me drag her along as a handler. (I dunno why she still hangs out with me considering the crap I put her through. ^_^)

Right before the race. Look at how happy and unpained we look!

Hanging out before the race. (I’m 28657.) And before you make fun of me, we were throwing the beach ball around with a little girl who you can’t see in the photo. Do you know how hard it is to play catch in a stormtrooper helmet? Good thing the beach ball is so big… and slow moving.

Tortillas of DOOM. People were chucking these around before the race. I have it on good authority (from Judy), that being whacked by a corn tortilla hurts way more than a flour tortilla. These things were lethal when they hit the ground too cause it was raining slightly and a slick tortillas is worse than a banana peel. =P

And we’re walking!

And walking…

Look we’re still walking…
This is us crossing one of the photo points.

Crossing the finish line! Woot… and owww!

I had a blast despite the pain. =D If we do this again next year though, I’m wearing sneakers!