And here we have a… actually I have no idea what it is. I just remember it couldn’t get around very well; it was more from the ‘controlled sinking’ school of swimming. =D It’s cute though isn’t it?!

This guy was at the Maui Ocean Center along with a whole lot of other fish that I dunno the real names of but if you want the character from Finding Nemo, I’m all over that!

Anyways, back from Hawaii. It’s good to be home! And now I get to sew like a madwoman for Fanime!

In other news, my brother’s very first straight-to-dvd movie came out yesterday: Fright Club! He tells me it’s horrendously bad, and he recommends that viewers be either really really drunk or really high if they plan on braving it. ^^;

I’m still proud of him though. ^_^

Oh! If anyone is doing Bay 2 Breakers next weekend, lemme know! A bunch of us stormtroopers are planning on walking it! I’m pretty psyched! I’ve never done it before and it sounds like it’ll be a riot to do in costume. I’ll admit to being a little nervous. I mean walking 7 miles is not a biggie but with the armor and black bodysuit underneath… well, we’ll see how it goes. @_@