Japan Report (part 3)

Japan Trip Part 3…

( This report contains lots of pictures of doll events so if they freak you out, you’re gonna want to move long. ^_^ )

OMG, people! I’m sure we violated some maximum capacity safety standard at Tenshi no Sato.

More crazy doll people! (Oh wait, I know them…)

How cool is that?! This was definitely my favorite doll from the weekend.

Yay super nice Volks people. As usual, the president and his family were sooooooo nice to us!

Oh look another temple!

Difference is that we spent the night in this one.

The dolpa. Apparently the Kyoto dolpas are 1/5 of the size of Tokyo ones in terms of people. The mind quails… and then scurries for a safe dark corner.

They even served us lunch. (That’s Yuzuko, Aimee’s friend in Japan. Hi Yuzuko!)

Ok, some of my favorite dealers at the dolpa… this one is for [info]positivespace. Yankee outfits!!! With embroidery and everything. It was sooo cool!

Trinity Blood wannabe outfits. =D

Neato asian style outfits. We bought a couple things from this seller too.

Not a dealer but I thought this picture was cute.

Yay engrish.

And more. You know you want them to plan your wedding party too. o_O

What?! The park entrance is on the other side, 2 miles away? $#@% that!

Cause when you think of a bead store, you automatically think: we’ll get a moose to display our creations. o_O

How to eat in Japan if you can’t speak Japanese: only pick restaurants where you can point at the plastic food.

Or go to a supermarket. Yummy.

For cosplaying D. Grayman. The things I do for cosplay… I almost got arrested at Narita Airport for throwing a fit when they tried to confiscate this. (Ok, not for realz on the arresting part, but they did hesitate about giving it back to me. I was just like: want me to run at you with it to prove it’s too thin to be dangerous? >.< )

I insisted we go see Tokyo Tower before it blew up like it always does in all the animes.

The one photo of all 3 of us.

And our last memory of Japan were these really pretty ladies playing koto at the Narita Airport.