Japan Report (part 2)

Japan Trip Part 2…

( In which we get to see the confused Americans attempt to use an onsen. )

It’s the Nekobukkuro in Ikkebukuro! (That’s really the name!) There were kitties everywhere for people to love on. I think I have more pictures of the cats than of me.

Out teeeny tiny apartment in Tokyo. Look at the size of that tv!

Because we are dorks, we dressed up to go shopping at the gothic lolita stores. ^_^

The Lock Up: themed restaurant where you are shut in a cell for dinner and every hour or so the ‘inmates’ break up ant terrorize everyone in really bad halloween costumes. It was fun but I dunno if I’d recommend the food. o_O

AJ’s attempt at cool blurry shit on her point and shoot camera. It kinda worked…

Those gates look awfully low don’t they?

Yup! Aimee demonstrates that they are barely over 6 feet high.

Dude, even the manhole covers in Japan are pretty.

So I was feeding the ducks and then when I tried leaving, they followed me!
(Yes that is a Bleach bag I’m carrying: +10 dork points for meeee.)

It’s Saeko!!! We were standing in the subway station and then we looked over and there she was on an ad! (She’s a retired Takarazuka top star that we saw perform last year in Japan.)

The closest I have ever been to Mt Fuji. Actually this is my first time seeing it in person. Damn that mountain is BIG.

Pretty picture of the coastline from the train. I, obviously, did not take this picture or the next picture would have been of me puking my guts out from motion sickness. =P

Finally at the onsen!

Ohmigod,it actually look like the ads.

After much confusion as to what to do and how to get to the baths (it’s like an RPG puzzle!), we finally made it into the pools.

In case you’re wondering, we picked this place because it allows bathing suits and tattoos. Neither is typical but kinda necessary for us.

Ok, this part sucked! The pools were all nice and toasty, and the walk back to the room was aaaaaaaaargh cold!

Ohmigod, what kind of restaurant is this? We have to grind our wasabi?!?!
(Actually it was a fantastic meal and the wasabi part was fun. We just had some really confused looks when they handed it to us.)

Fishy! Before… and after.

Ohemgee FOOD.

Ohemgee food coma.