Japan Report (part 1)

Finally! Japan Trip Part 1…

( Not for the faint of connections as this is mostly images. )

Scary make-up in-progress at the maiko studio!

I look like I belong on a postcard.

Yay, this was fun! We highly recommend Yumekoubou Studio. We used the Kiyomizudera location.

Kiyomizudera: a really famous, big temple. I’d say it was Buddhist but I’ve noticed the Japanese like to mix their religions.

What is it about Buddhists and their fondness of orange temples?

Judy writing her wish on a wooden stick. What’d you wish for Judy?

In case of an emergency, walk do not run… and grab the nearest 6 fire extinguishers.

Ok, remember that part about mixing religions?

That’s an Inari shrine! In the middle of Kiyomizudera!

It’s a bunny. And Aimee.

The love rock or something? There’s another one about 30 feet away and you’re supposed to walk between the 2 with your eyes closed for good luck with love… or something. Lemme note here that there were a lot of people between the 2 rocks. We didn’t see anyone actually trying it.

Aimee and a hammer. Damned if I know what it’s for.

Aimee hit something on my camera that did funky things to this photo. It’s actually somewhat appropriate. This is the cemetary in Kiyomizudera. It’s ginormous.

Isn’t it quaint? You can’t even tell that 90% of these shops are tourist trap shops.

Ah engrish. No, none of us tried the “Wild Drip” drink. LOL

Why yes, that is a Indian girl costume. O_O And more rhinestone trim than a suit really needs but it’s Takarazuka so actually, it’s not enough. These are from the revue at the end of Yukigumi’s Silver Wolf.

They had ‘shon-shon’ for people to pose with. I think that’s what they call chose bouquet things they hold during the bows. That’s one of Oscaru’s military uniforms in the back. I took a lot of obessessive detailed photos of it. ^_^’

How we spend a good portion of the trip: confused and on the subway.

Reni and Irisu’s costumes from Shin Ao Tori. You’re not supposed to take photos but we snuck a couple. Look at how skinny they are! O_O

Sticky pictures!

Just for [info]tristencitrine. It’s a CITRUS BATHROOM.

Aimee being eaten by the hand dryer blower thingy. Dude, these things sounded like jet engines. I was scared to use them.