Back from Japan

Back from Japan! I’m exhausted! In the span of 10 days:
– we went to Takarazuka to watch the Rose of Versailles show
– took the train back to Tokyo and did some mad cap shopping
– took a train out to middle-of-no-where-by-the-coast to go to an onsen (complete with Furuba moments, minus the passing out in the bath)
– took another train to Kyoto to visit Tenshi no Sato (neato doll place)
– stayed at a Buddhist temple overnight
– attended my first Dolpa (another doll thing)
– missed the last Hikari out of Kyoto and had to take the Nozomi (oh boy) back to Tokyo
– finally saw the Tokyo Tower up close and it did not explode or suck us into another dimension
– watched the Final Fantasy XII trailer way too much

More photos to come!

We went to the maiko place that Aimee used last year and all got dressed up.

Of course we had to go to the Salon de Takarazuka again. I look rather stupid so try to ignore that. =D (And um, that is my wig because I’m a dork and didn’t like their’s, so brought my own which they let me use. It got rather smashed in transit which definitely did not help the “looks stupid” problem. ^_^’)

A trip to Japan is never complete without purikura!

The onsen we visited. This is a promotional picture from the website, but I kid you not, it really looks like this.