( WonderCon in gory detail )

I had so much fun this year! Usually WonderCon is a drive-by con for me. I just show up and do my panel with the 501st guys, hang out for a bit and leave. But this year we were staying for the masq so we could see everyone perform so we hung out all day.

Judy and I got up and some ungodly hour on Saturday morning and drove up to SF where we proceeded to strip down and change in the Metreon garage. We’re getting really good at putting on RoV in parking lots and it always seems to amuse the other people in the garage. =D

We walked to the Moscone center amid lots of “Wow, you don’t see that every day” comments. (No kidding yeah?) The line was insane already. How the hell did WonderCon go from dippy to gargantuan in a single year??? Thankfully, Mr. Commanding Officer of the Golden Gate Garrison (Ian) had already taken care of badges for us so we were spared standing in line. So, collected the badges and off to the panel room.

It was a good turnout and we had a lot of time (1.5 hours!) so we got to cover a lot of stuff and it seems like the attendees got useful info out of it which made me happy. My muslining demo was a bit lacking; I’ll work on it. ^^; Usually Judy gives the demo and I play the dummy but she was a bit immobile this time. Thanks to Dany for letting me use your way sexy body to throw some muslin on. 😉

We walked around the dealer’s room for a bit and I was really tempted by those optical illusion paintings. I really wanted the one of Jack Sparrow who looked like a skeleton from certain angles, but I was good. Lionel was such a sweetheart and walked with us and helped us tow our bin of panel supplies. I think I got more Lionel time at WonderCon than I have in the last 5 cons put together! =D

We stopped by on the 3rd floor to get do a photoshoot with lionboogy and kuronosho. Both who have mad photography skillz. Guess who I’ll be bugging now that dmk26 has left us?

Then it was off to the garage to change again. Ok I know one doesn’t see girls stripping down to skivvies in the garage a lot but honestly, I’m not interested in having a conversation about my tattoo while I’m standing around in my sports bra ok? Especially when your comment is “not bad” in relation to said tattoo. *grrr* My artist did a great job thanks; go away now.

So with Judy decked out as our fearless leader, the Gilgamesh trekked up to the 3rd floor for more photos. It was fun! We had lots of photographers and Kuronosho had to tell me to shaddup a lot. LOL. Sorry! I kept cracking up in middle of trying to look serious for photos. ^^;

And then all sorts of people came to hang out with us… it’s a long list and I’m too lazy to lj-link everyone but it was fun!

We got back into muggle clothes for the masquerade cause comfy is key. The masq was really good! I was so impressed and yay to jinyo, solaria, Yuriy (um do you have an lj?!), pikminlink, rurouni_jedi, scendan, hoshikage, laragoth, and the 501st central garrison’s clone troopers! *whew* Did I miss anyone?!