Totoro costumes

Totoro is one of my favorite Miyazaki films and I’d always planned to make Totoro costumes for The Brood. When Cation Designs announced the “Small Human Being Sew-Along”, I decided this was the perfect time to make them. Lorelai joined in, making a costume for her tadpole so we had a complete set.

Totoro costume

(Did you know the blue and white ones actually have names? Chu Totoro and Chibi Totoro. Who knew?)

Totoro Kid Costumes
Totoro Kid Costumes

Game of Thrones Costume Event in Napa

Last month, the GBACG held a Game of Thrones costume event at the Castello di Amorosa winery in Napa. It’s an entire medieval castle smack in middle of Napa and it was the perfect backdrop for Game of Thrones costumes.

game of thrones costume event
game of thrones costume event

I actually hadn’t watched Game of Thrones yet when I bought my ticket to the event so I was on a clock to watch the show, pick a character, and make a costume.  Thankfully the seasons are short and the show is really good.

So then it was time to make a costume choice and I really liked Margaery (although I have to admit I barely remember her from the books… but I read the books a long long time ago). Margaery has gorgeous outfits in the show, but I didn’t want to do a named character, so I went back over her scenes and checked out her handmaidens in the background. They all had outfits very similar to hers which was perfect. I chose elements I liked and designed my own. (More photos of my costume this way if you’re interested.)

game of thrones costume event
game of thrones costume event

Kate Spain Good Fortune Jelly Roll Quilt

I’ve been meaning to blog about my latest quilt but I started playing Diablo III again and all of a sudden, I have no free time because I’m busy gaming. =D

I purchased a few jelly rolls when I started looking into quilting 3 years ago, but haven’t gotten around to using them. Jelly rolls are actually kinda big and they were taking up a lot of room in my bins, so I figured it was time to start using them. I picked the Kate Spain Good Fortune jelly roll and the For Emma pattern from the Jelly Roll Dreams book.

There is definitely something to be said for having all your strips pre-cut. Piecing this quilt went very quickly!

jelly roll dreams book
for emma jelly roll quilt
Kate Spain Good Fortune

Fleece Hats for Chemo Patients

I’ve been sewing fleece hats the last few days while watching Game of Thrones.

fleece hats for chemotherapy patients

Yes, I am one of the few people left who hasn’t watched Game of Thrones. I’ve actually been avoiding the show because I’ve read the books, and it’s hard to watch the show when you know every bad thing that’s going to happen. Season 1 was the hardest for me but once I got past that, I was pretty hooked. HBO did an amazing job with the show and of course, I love the costumes!

Anyways, back to the hats…